Custom Meat Processing

Hang Only
$20 a day (not available during the hunting season).We will only hang your animal if it is being processed at Chilako Meats

Cut, Wrapped and Boxed
$0.79 per lbs

Rush orders Cut Wrapped and Boxed 2-5 days
$0.89 per lbs

under 100 lbs - $75.00
over 100 lbs - $0.79 per lbs

 Moose,Elk and Deer - $85.00

 Domestic Meat
Beef and Pork $0.69 per lbs cut and wrapped
Lamb & Mutton $40.00 cut and wrapped
Goat & Lamb $30.00 cut only

Just Boned Out
$0.59 per lbs

Ground and Wrapped
$0.69 per lbs

Ground Only
$0.50 per lbs

Custom Sausage Making We require 20lbs of meat for a minimum batch
European Style Wieners - $3.00 per lbs (minimum 50 lbs batch)
Pepperoni (Reg,Honey Garlic,mild and Xtra Hot) - $2.75 per lbs
Smokies and Garlic Links - $2.75
Cheese Smokies - $3.00 per lbs
Maple Smokies -$3.00 per lbs
Farmer Sausage - Regular or Garlic  - $2.25 (plus 50% pork added $2.95per lbs)
Special Blend  $2.50 per lbs (plus 50% pork at $2.95 per lbs)
Salami (Beer, Summer, Garlic and Pepperoni) - $12.00 per 5 lb chubs
Smoked Salami (beer,summer,garlic and pepperoni) -$15.00 per 5 lb chubs
Jerky (Regular, Pepper, Terriyakki, BBQ) - $12.00 per lbs finished weight
Mini Fryers or Dinner Fryers (maple,reg,mild italian,hot italian) 
Cut & Wrapped $0.65 per lbs
Bagged $0.60 per lbs

Curing and Smoking Fish
$6.00 per lbs finished weight